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Introducing Wing Dance Hive Products

We're excited to add a collection of beeswax bars and candles to our online store!

Wing Dance now offers 100% beeswax candles and bars, available for local pickup or shipping within the United States.

Beeswax Candles

Beeswax candles burn slowly and are almost dripless. Our candles have a beautiful, naturally sweet aroma and pure, golden color. 100% beeswax, with cotton wicks. No dyes or perfumes added. Available in multiple sizes & shapes.

Beeswax Bars

Beeswax bars are used as an ingredient in many craft projects including woodworking, candle-making, cosmetics, wellness, and in encaustic painting. Our bars are 100% pure, no dyes or perfumes added. Available in multiple sizes.


Looking for Honey?

Now available in new, mini-jars - perfect for weddings and special events!


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