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wing dance apiary cheshire ct
Wing Dance Honey
Fat Bee Honey Wing Dance Apiary

Our Apiary

Wing Dance Apiary LLC is located in Cheshire, Connecticut. We are a local, family-owned business providing raw honey, educational seminars and honey bee swarm removal services. Our mission to support local and regional bees includes the promotion of responsible beekeeping and the ongoing education of new and established beekeepers. In addition, Wing Dance's Master Beekeeper, William Hesbach, teaches classes and seminars across New England and at beekeeping conferences throughout the United States. 

Our Honey

Our Fat Bee Honey is collected from the hive and delivered raw, with all its naturally occurring pollen and goodness.  Created from local wild flowers, our honey is delicate & flavorful - perfect for accompanying food or just eating from the jar!  Wing Dance Honey is one of nature's small gifts, promoting vibrant health and enhancing your daily life experience.

Our Keeper

Master Beekeeper, William Hesbach

Bill is an EAS Certified Master Beekeeper and a graduate of the University of Montana’s Master Beekeeping Program. He is an active member in area bee clubs, where he teaches new beekeepers and develops advanced beekeeping coursework. Bill is fascinated with bee biology and beekeeping history and connects with bee communities across the globe in a collaborative effort to improve modern keeping practices.


As an advocate for bees, Bill speaks at local and regional events, schools and symposiums. He is also a contributing writer at Bee Culture Magazine and other beekeeping publications. 

william hesbach master beekeeper
Bill Hesbach Master Beekeeper
Bill Bio
  • Is your apiary open to the public?
    Sorry, Wing Dance is not open to public or private tours.
  • Can I buy your honey online?
    We sell honey directly to local retailers and eateries via our online ordering system. This means that Fat Bee Honey is available by the case, with FREE LOCAL DELIVERY to addresses within 10 miles of Cheshire, CT. If you are outside this area or would like to special order our honey, please contact us.
  • How should I store my honey?
    Honey never goes bad! It is best to store your honey at room temperature, dispense with a clean dry utensil, and cover tightly between use.
  • Why is my honey a different color / varied colors?
    The color and taste of raw honey will vary from harvest to harvest.
  • Why has my honey turned "hard"?"
    Raw honey may also crystallize. This is a natural process. If you would like to decrystallize your honey, place your jar in a pot of hot - not boiling - water, and let it sit for a bit. Your honey will return to it’s liquid state.
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