Hi Everyone,

It's finally fall and hopefully you have all had a great summer. I'm starting to post this year and will continue as subjects come up. I'm a Master Beekeeper so these posts will follow beekeeping events along with photos I take or questions I've been asked to answer. I hold a regular bee meeting called Bee Talks, which was referenced in a earlier post, and if your interested in beekeeping I encourage you to attend.

Bees are currently working two floral sources the first being goldenrod, a native plant with many subspecies, and knotweed an invasive currently the subject of investigation for biological control using a moth like insect from asia. In years past like, Wing Dance would harvest a fall honey but recently I've been leaving it all for the bees for their winter use.

Our honey is for sale at all the our retail locations listed and you folks are welcome to purchase it wholesale by the case - so contact us for pricing and delivery details.

Our 2019 crop has a rich buttery texture and a sweet floral finish.

Thank you for your interest.


Wing Dance Apiary

Locally owned & operated in Cheshire, CT

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